Megiddo Nguyen

A complicated sometime-ally of the PCs


Megiddo is 5’11, with pale white skin that is almost translucent and waist length silver hair. His eyes are solid white, with no pupils or irises, as is common for his race. He wears the black robes of an evil mage, with a dagger, a rod, and an empty looking sack tucked into the belt. He wears a beautiful diadem of gold with a single sapphire. His cloak is leather and thicker than most, with an eternal smell of soot, charred around the edges, with soft, black leather boots to match. He is meticulous about his appearance, impeccably clean shaven, with not a spot of dirt under his nails or anywhere else in sight.


Victim of a memory altering spell in his late teens, Megiddo cannot remember much prior to his 18th birthday. Most of what he knows comes from others, without his own memories to verify. Unknown to him until recently, he lived a fairly normal life as a wizard’s apprentice in Osirion, son to a Samsaran cleric father and a Samsaran Sorceress mother. His magic came easily to him, though it was not natural as it was to his mother- he had to study at her side to learn, and his father, a cleric of Nethys, made sure to teach him well. They died in an attack by a Raksasha who used to be his father’s brother- a man reincarnated into evil, whose only goal was to destroy the family. This triggered Megiddo’s adventuring days, and his ordeals at the Raksasha’s hands robbed him of natural human empathy, and the love of most things. He gains joy almost solely from the pursuit of power, though he does have one friend he considers closer than all others- his pseudodragon, Mercury. He would do nearly anything for the creature.

After five long years of torment, from his 12th to 17th year, Megiddo managed to escape the hands of the Raksasha by destroying a wand of Dominate that the creature used to keep slaves in line in such a way it destroyed the memories of all in the fortress- Megiddo included. But Nethys took pity on the young mage, and ensured that only his memory of the mortal realms was stolen away. Magic, the god decided, should be written upon his devotee’s soul.

After his escape, Megiddo fell to wandering, encountering quite a few people and things as he struggled to find a place in the world. He had found his freedom in Cheliax, and wandered all the way to Andoran. On the way he learned some of himself- that he was Samsaran, and that his magic had not left him. Vague recollections of his family returned, aided by his past life visions and a cleric’s divinations.

He found that many were disturbed by his Samsaran eyes- the rest of him looked mostly human, if extremely pale, but his eyes were solid white. To hide this mark, he began wearing a thin white cloth to hide them, though one that still allowed him to see.

Megiddo encountered a small town in Andoran at this point, one overrun with Rovagug cultists who killed in cruel and terrifying ways for no reason but to watch the town burn. It was this graphic experience that convinced the young wizard that Rovagug must be opposed. Later experiences with the cultists, and his readings, convinced him that this was not enough, and that the god must be destroyed. But no god can be destroyed without a waiting replacement- and the only way to be sure the new god was not worse than the old was to take up the position himself. It was then that he decided he must follow a path of destruction, but one of destruction for gain. He would be a god of renewal, destruction, and power. Megiddo met Mercury in the ashes of the village, comforted by the pseudodragon.

A new purpose found, he made his way from Andoran towards Kyonin, and got caught in a massive storm that came from nowhere easily discernible. Chased by a howling gale, his frail form battered, the wizard stole into the first village he came across and spent the night in the inn there- one that for some reason, the owner had abandoned. He lit himself a roaring fire in the grate, and slept off his chill.

When he rose and exited the building, he found himself accosted by a half elf paladin and an elven ranger who accused him of burning the village to the ground- after all, he was the only survivor. Confused, Megiddo looked around, and sure enough, he found that all the other buildings had been burned down… their occupants still inside.

They nearly came to blows, though a fire giant came out from the woods nearby, having followed the paladin, and proceeded to attack everyone. It turned out he was responsible, and the young mage joined the group- the paladin could not tell that Megiddo’s soul was broken, or what his ultimate goals were- the wizard’s ring, stolen from his captor, hid that from even the follower of Pelor.

The trio made their way to Kyonin, foiled an assassination plot on the Queen, averted a civil war in Kyonin, and managed to banish a demon. They then moved to the Paladin’s hereditary estate, cleared out a massive cavern which turned out to belong to a long dead Archmage (whose robes and spellbooks Megiddo took), and slew an umbral dragon living in the bottom that turned out to guard a drow city. After some quick thinking and clever use of spells, Megiddo and the Paladin were able to collapse the cavern on the drow city, killing all inhabitants.

The paladin, sadly, did not make it out. This was partially intentional on Megiddo’s part, as Megiddo had begun wearing the black robes of the evil Archmage- and the paladin finally learned the truth of Megiddo’s goals. This made the paladin oppose him, and threaten to kill him if he did not repent. So, when Megiddo had the choice of saving his party member or letting him die, he let him die- buried under thirty thousand tons of rock and debris, immobilized by a simple spell. He told the ranger that it the paladin was killed by the Umbral Dragon, and the ranger left.

It was after this that Megiddo returned to Kyonin and became a teacher in the Tower of Magi, consolidating his power and resources in the elven capital. With political might and lawyerly shenanigans, he managed to gain the ear of the throne and a great amount of money and influence with which to improve himself.

Megiddo was then asked by another group to journey with them to recover lost artifacts of Nethys, Sarenrae, and Pelor. The mage did so, mostly so he could give the items as an offering to atone for the death of the paladin.

They managed to find the artifacts, defeat the dragon, evil lich, and warlord that held them (respectively), and Megiddo made his offering, before returning to Kyonin once more. He had found more spellbooks and scrolls on his quest, and spent a long time learning the secrets of Ioun Stones, as well as memorizing new magics.

For two years, the mage taught Kyonin’s young elvish population magic, though he never became truly accepted. While Samsaran have long lives, and memories spanning across eons, they are fragmented. They lie somewhere between the tragically short lives of humans and elven longevity, in an elf’s eyes. This rift was hard to overcome, so after a time, Megiddo’s wanderlust and ultimate goals compelled him to get on the move again.
He traveled to Westcrown, in Cheliax, where he destroyed the Arodenamma as a side effect of stealing the last remaining vestige of Aroden’s power. This was not enough to gain what he sought, so he journeyed far too the north, to Xin-Edasseril, the city of the last living Runelord- the runelord of envy, Belimarius. He is nominally in her employ, seeking to bring her a shard of the starstone in exchange for instruction. As part of this end, he is currently working to establish his influence in Absalom, where he is refurbishing and remaining the precipice quarter, with what is left of Beldrin’s Bluff claimed for himself.

Megiddo Nguyen

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