Thri-kreen assassin


Thri-Keen are obsessed with their clutch and clan- as well they should be. An insect is something that inspires visceral fear in most of the groups in the wastes of Athas, and a Thri-keen more than any other. They are not unique in their ability to kill on the world, but they certainly have far more skill at it than nearly any other creature. They hunt, from the beginning of their days, and they hone psychic and physical warrior abilities. They can communicate nearly instantly, and they have the guidance of ancient knowledge from a sort of psychic Hive Mind. They are formidible foes indeed.
But on Athas, this is not a good thing, always. The sorcerer kings and their ilk strike first, and strike hard- and so when Virtichk was hatched, he found himself in the middle of the wastes, with few Thri-Keen nearby that were living. He hatched after a massive battle the destroyed his entire clutch, his entire clan as an organized structure. They were wiped from the face of Athas, save for a few- barely enough to comprise a hunting party. Still, they had a breeding female, and enough males to rebuild. So they taught Virtichk the ways of the Thri-Keen- how to hunt, how to master his weapons. How to kill with perfection. They showed him how to use some of his innate psychic ability, though he never honed it much beyond that. He lived for combat, until one day the same vindictive group of men who had attacked his clan the first time returned- this time with a defiler. Not only did the raiding party take Virtichk’s family as slaves, the defiler used his magic to destroy their home near the Silt Sea, destroying all traces of life.

Virtichk did not know how to react- he found himself wandering the wastes after his escape, lost.

He was found in the silt sea’s shallows after trying to make it to an island by a druid who took him in, and taught him how to survive in the Silt. How to become something to be feared. He taught Virtichk how to communicate with spirits, and how to look after the land- how to draw from its power. Virtichk’s mentor trained the young Thri-Keen up to replace him- and then walked into the silt, on a pilgrimage to some mythical place he insisted existed… but that no one could reach on the silt skiffs that hugged the shallows. It was only through the blessings of the silt that the old druid did not die- but Virtichk could not follow. In his attempt to do so, he ended up in Golarion, in the Mana Wastes. How he came to be here, he does not know- and he is not sure he wants to return home.

He now hunts with Rahien Jagad, though none are sure how our when they meet, or even how they communicate. They do, though, make a good pair.


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